High-quality stoves, made in Scotland

Stoves built with heavy gauge steel on a craft basis.
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Hand built stoves

If you are looking for durable hand built stoves built from heavy gauge steel, get in touch with Dowling Stove Design. Our range of custom-built stoves are radically different from anything else on the market and have a proven track record of performance, longevity and reliability.

In 2014 we had an ambitious idea to cut all our prices by 20% - unfortunately we were too ambitious and now face having to hike them up again. Building by hand gives us tremendous advantages in design flexibility and is core to our central philosophy of responding to new ideas and what the individual customer needs. But we have to be realistic about the cost of long term value (built to last a lifetime, with close to zero replacement parts).

So this might be the last summer of ROCK BOTTOM Dowling prices! Any orders taken NOW, before the burning season starts in earnest in late summer (August onwards) will obviously not be affected.
Hand built stoves
"…we would just like to say how pleased we are with our 'Little Devil' stove. The design and colour are great and thank you for the lovely design of our initials on the side...It is a piece of cake to use and makes the ground floor of our house toasty warm."
Nikky & Olly, Cheshire,
Feb 2015
High-quality stoves

Established 1983

We have been building stoves since 1983. Our stoves are built in Galloway, Scotland. They are fabricated completely in high quality mild steel, which has the tensile strength to absorb the heat stresses that would crack unprotected cast iron. 
"…the Sumo is installed… it is tremendous. Now that I can appreciate how it works I think it’s one of the best pieces of design I've ever seen of anything. It's the easiest lighting stove I've ever had - the shape of the fire box makes sure of that, it draws effectively with only the simple flue that I have and it is easy to regulate and operate. It's the only stove I've had which I've able to add fuel without smoke and fumes being emitted. All this in addition to your design without firebricks or door seals. 
Thank you."
John Baker, Devon, Nov 2012

Check out our stove designs

We offer 7 basic models all with different dimensions available in each model. You can also have a look at pictures of actual installations in our gallery. Speak to one of our experts to discuss your needs. 
stove designs
Get high-quality wood burners and multi-fuel stoves from the stove design experts at Dowling Stove Design, based in Scotland. Call us on
01988 402 666
to find out more about our services.
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