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Wedge Incinerator with Boiler

Our incinerators are developed from our Wedge domestic stove

… essentially, we tilt a box through 45 degrees. This makes more firebox available for fuelling, as well as allowing for safer and easier loading

The large surface areas, as with all our stoves, make for faster radiation of heat. So if the unit is double skinned as a water jacket it becomes a powerful hi-output boiler, with at least 70% of output going to water.

Currently, we just offer one size of incinerator, of about 70kw output (with a firebox of about 0.3 cubic metres).

This provides approx 16 degree air temperature for 1300 cu metres workshop (e.g. 18 x 18 x 4 metres). It will burn up to 40kgs of fuel per hour

Construction is in 8mm heavy steel plate (6mm for the boilers, pressure tested to 60psi); a heavy duty grate riddles ash down into the base. This grate can be fitted with short spikes if the fuel charge needs much agitation (e.g. for paper or cardboard)

A partial block wall can be built around the unit (e.g. round the back and sides) to protect the immediate vicinity from overheating … this also has the effect of storing some of the radiant output for slow, convected release

Chimney should be 175mm internal diameter (e.g. s/s Class One)




We are working on expanding the range ready for Spring 2014


Model Output to Space Output to Water Height Width Depth Price ex VAT
W70 70 kW   1300 700 1130 £2560.00
W70b 20 kW 50 kW 1350 800 1250 £3584.00

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